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In order to advance a more rational democracy, and to help secure the right to free speech, this site currently features two procedural proposals relating to the democratic dialogue: First, a proposed process and legislation for voter education – in which the State itself would create or choose no educational material, and Second, proposed legislation for secondary and collegiate textbooks classroom in which material would continue to choose educational material, but that the State divide this authority between majority and minority factions of government. These proposals are found under the POLITICAL EDUCATION and COMPETING AUTHORITIES tab pages, respectively.

Because of the current, probably rare opportunity to change our approach to health care in a meaningful way, the site also includes, under the HEALTH CARE tab page, a substantive proposal to meaningfully assert, with respect to expenses, a degree of personal responsibility.

Currently, the site is intended as providing a focal point for such proposals, particularly with the first, where an abstract of the proposed legislation is presented, with links to articles relating to such proposal. (See Articles and Site Updates list below.) At this time, at least, any comments should be made directly to the articles, which are better equipped to do deal with them. But I would, of course, be happy receive any comments through email, and may add another page for posting such.

For a true and virtuous democracy,

Bert Peterson

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Articles and Site Updates (updates as of July 2017):

Coming to Grips with Muslim Immigration, May 14, 2016 [Political Education]

Should Government Health Care Favor the Poor?, June 5, 2017 [Health Care]

Answering Conservative Objections to Health Care, July 8, 2017 [Health Care]

WASHINGTON’S WORDS tab page added, July 19


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