America’s Moment of Truth



For a master copy, email with Subject heading: MOMENT OF TRUTH FLIER; no message is necessary.



 This post is directed toward those concerned about the direction of the country. According to RCP poll averages, that’s 62.3 percent of voters, more of the people generally. So in door-to-door canvassing, the odds for finding people who are concerned are pretty good.

You can simply leave material at the door area (except you cannot put it in or on the mailbox, it is illegal.) Probably the best approach is to bring tape and tape it to the door handle, or the like.

You can also, of course, ring the bell, and, if answered, you might say something like “Hi. This flyer is about changing the direction of the country. Can I leave it with you?”

If the person asks what it’s about, you can just over the three in bold face lines in the Condell excerpts.  If it leads to a discussion, at any point, you may want to say “Why don’t I leave you my email, and we can discuss this further.” (Discussions in writing are often clearer anyway.)

“No Soliciting” Signs:  (As long as you don’t ask for money,) most people don’t consider political campaigning solicitation.  See item 2 of  7 Myths About Door-to-Door Canvassing. 

Thanks for your interest.

Bert Peterson