Hello Mary Jones,

In order to repay taxpayers for the medical treatment for you they have made possible, and so reduce the burden on them, and to make more revenue available to assist medical patients, we must hold you accountable for the subsidies for medical insurance premiums provided by taxpayers that you have received.


Prior medical subsidy debt balance:                              $14,000.

Annual adjustment for inflation:                                        $560.

Medical subsidy debt incurred this year:                           $3000.

Total medical subsidy debt:                                          $17,560.


Please note, your medical debt is subordinate to all other debts you have, including debts incurred after your medical debt.  (So your credit rating should not be affected.) Even if you have no superior debts, you are not required to make any inter vivos payment on your medical debt.

But, at your discretion, you may make inter vivos payments.  If you do so, you are entitled to a discount under the following schedule:


25% discount if paid within the first year following the incursion of your debt, reduced by one percent annually thereafter.


If the debt is not paid prior to your passing, and you have an estate adequate to cover any superior debts, your debt will be collected from any remainder, prior to any distribution to beneficiaries.

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