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Welcome to the 4thofjuly website!

Yes, this is the website that every year, millions celebrate with fireworks and parades. (Well, they should.)

Actually, on this day in 1776, millions celebrate the signing Declaration of Declaration of Independence. Our Declaration, which  asserts that our rights come not from government, but from God. We are to be governed, in other words, not by some coalition of private  interests, but in accordance with principle of government that transcend the interests of private individuals and groups. That view, however, no longer prevails. It is the primary purpose of this site to revive such a perspective, and to do so by adapting it to modern issues and realities.

The foremost principle of democratic governance is that of freedom of speech. But incumbent in that freedom is the obligation to listen. The first — under the title POLITICAL EDUCATION — proposes a process and legislation aimed at fostering a such attitudes. The second proposal, called here COMPETING AUTHORITIES, does much the same thing, but in the area of formal secondary and collegiate  education.

The third proposal, relating to HEALTH CARE, seeks to lay a stronger ideological foundation for economic freedom.

For a true and virtuous democracy,

Bert Peterson


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